NEASECS 2018: Gods and Monsters
October 11-14
University of Rochester

Panels Seeking Participants

Marking both the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and the 300th anniversary of Handel's/Gay's Acis and Galatea, 2018 seems a fitting year to explore the long eighteenth century's fascination with the divine, the monstrous, the overlap between these terms, and the whole range of gradations in between.

Possible topics include: the mind/body problem; science and religion; questions of literary/musical/artistic form (as well as "monstrous" deviations from established forms); depictions of the New World and/or racial "others"; portrayals of women's bodies and/or alternative sexualities; histories of witches and witchcraft; disability studies; treatments of the supernatural; uses of classical mythology; accounts of childhood or old age; animal studies; It-narratives; posthumanism; and more.

In keeping with NEASECS tradition, please note that panels and papers devoted to aspects of eighteenth-century studies not relating to the conference theme are also welcome.


MARCH 15th:Panel organizers should submit 150-word summaries of their topics to the conference organizers at Once a panel has been approved, it will be posted to the conference website. (deadline extended)

MARCH 30TH: Individual conferees should then submit paper abstracts (also of 150 words) to the panel organizers. (If you are submitting an abstract to more than one panel simultaneously, please let the panel organizers know this.)

APRIL 15TH: By this date, panel organizers should select their panelists and report the outcome of the selection process to both the conference committee and the individuals who have proposed papers (both those whose papers they are accepting and those whose papers will need to find another host panel).

MAY 1ST: All remaining/separate/other paper proposals should be submitted directly to the conference committee by this date so that they may be grouped into suitable panels in whatever way seems most appropriate.

The conference committee will announce the final roster of panels and panel-chairs by May 15th.
Giuseppe Vasi and Giovanni Battista Piranesi, The Remains of the Portico of the Temple of Jupiter and of the Temple of Fortune," by Courtesy Lombard Antiquarian Maps and Prints, Scarborough, Maine.

Edna Steeves Prize
for Best Graduate Student Paper

The Edna Steeves Prize is an award of $300 for the best paper delivered by a graduate student at the Annual Meeting. This prize, established in 1994, honors the memory of the late Edna L. Steeves of the English Department at the University of Rhode Island, a founding member who served as Secretary-Treasurer of NEASECS from 1989 until her death in 1995. The winner of the prize is selected by an interdisciplinary committee appointed by the President of NEASECS. Rules for submission of papers for the prize are announced on the Annual Meeting web site and in the materials distributed for the Annual Meeting.

John H. O'Neill Bursaries

The John H. O'Neill Bursaries are awards of up to $300 to graduate students to assist them with the cost of travel to the Annual Meeting. In 2002 the Society voted to name these bursaries in honor of John H. O'Neill of the English department of Hamilton College, who has served as editor of the NEASECS Newsletter since 1989. Up to six awards per year may be made. The chairs of the Annual Meeting decide to whom the awards are made. Graduate students who are presenting papers at the Annual Meeting and wish to apply for John H. O'Neill Bursaries should send their inquiries to the Annual Meeting chairs.


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